A team of experienced specialists and

committed enthusiasts drafted for success

We are a growing and evolving European Company which offers alternative digital financial services.

We are based in Limassol, Cyprus and we serve a European audience who needs credible, safe and on the go connectivity with their money. The company is approved by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority as Prepaid Financial Services’ distributor. One of the company’s main priorities is the safekeeping of our clients’ funds, with top tier European Banks.

Our Vision

We long to be a valuable contributing factor in the Financial Technology evolution with fresh and cutting-edge practices that will provide affordable solutions for individuals and corporates in any environment.

Our Mission

To support and serve our customers with alternative digitalized Financial solutions that will help them save time and money while simultaneously we will be growing with them and adjusting according to their needs and wants.

What do we Offer

√ Electronic money accounts with an IBAN

√ Prepaid Mastercard with free delivery to any address within EU

√ Protected by Mastercard 3D Secure

√ Local transfers within the SEPA region

√ International SWIFT transfers

√ Multi-currency wallets for currency conversion at any time

Mobile Application

Our team is currently developing our user-friendly Mobile application compatible with all Android and IOS devices.

In the mean-time,you can access your eCREDO account on your smartphone using our website’s QR code which can be scanned with your camera or gain access through our website using your smartphone. Once the mobile application is ready, all eCREDO customers will be automatically linked and notified accordingly. The functionality of the app will be the same as seen on our website’s dashboard but will be adjusted for an easier and more efficient mobile experience.