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Instant payouts.
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A private card for trading complete with a personal IBAN, ready to go, without lengthy waiting times.

Emerald Bundle
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A payment platform, for trading
Trade, send, withdraw – instantly. An all-in-one solution for complete transparency.

  • Private trading financial products also acting as a daily driver

  • Separate IBAN for higher spending

  • eXCHANGE between 10 major currencies

One card for all your needs
Your My eCREDO Mastercard also acts as a daily driver for all your transactions.

  • Use your card at ATM’s instantly

  • Payouts sent instantly to your account

  • Choose from different cards to suit you

  • Fast turnaround times, card sent to your door

If you’re a trader or a brokerage we’d love to hear from you.

Family Bundle
Save for someone else’s future with complete transparency in fees.
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